Shower Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels at GeoJones Bristol - 2. Multipanel Linda Barker designer range marble effect shower wall panels
Multipanel - Linda Barker - Calacatta marble

Shower wall panels are an elegant and efficient solution to issues such as tired and mouldy grout joints and keep cleaning to a minimum! Shower wall panels can often be less labour intensive to install than tiles as they are made to cover large surface areas and can be fitted over tiles.

Most brands use interlocking bathroom wall panels or tongue and groove shower wall panels, allowing you to cover whole walls or even the whole bathroom with an almost seamless waterproof finish.

Available in a huge range of colours, patterns and finishes, waterproof bathroom wall panels can help make a real feature in your modern bathroom but there are plenty of designs available that would also blend in well with traditional bathroom ideas.

Marble effect shower wall panels can be very elegant and look rather stunning. Stone effect shower wall panels can be a bold statement whilst creating a tranquil showering space. Wood effect shower wall panels create a calm and beautiful bathroom space and tile effect shower wall panels are an innovative way to get the tile look without the extra cleaning! Some even choose to two differing tones or patterns of bathroom wall panels and blend the two together to create quite a show stopping bathroom.

We have several brands of bathroom wall panels on show in our Bristol bathroom showroom as well as numerous samples to show you the vast range of options available.

Come and speak to us at Geo Jones & Bros about how waterproof shower wall panels could enhance your bathroom or en-suite.