Shower Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels at GeoJones Bristol - 2. Multipanel Linda Barker designer range marble effect shower wall panels
Multipanel - Linda Barker - Calacatta marble

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to tiles for your shower or bathroom space, shower wall panels are an excellent solution! Bathroom shower wall panels provide a fantastic waterproof finish that can be used in a shower enclosure, around a bath space or even around the whole bathroom. Our Bristol bathroom showroom has several shower wall panels on display and two full sample racks, showing the many fantastic finishes of shower wall panels available.

Shower wall panels provide a great waterproof finish which is ideal for a shower enclosure or around a bath. They’re often less labour intensive to install than tiles as they cover a large surface area in a relatively short time frame. Shower wall panels can be fitted over tiles (provided they’re soundly installed) with a high grab adhesive, cutting down the installation time once again.

Fibo - Bilbao tile effect panel
Fibo - Bilbao tile effect panel

Not only can shower wall panels be easier to install than tiles, they also require much less cleaning, without any grout joints to scrub! This also means they can weather better over time as there’s no grout to grow tired and mouldy.

Depending on the size of the area you’d like to cover, you might need to use more than one board. There are profiles available to help provide a neat join when fitting two panels together but for an almost invisible and seamless join, interlocking shower wall panels are available from a number of brands.

There are a huge array of styles and finishes of bathroom wall panel available, from simplistic and minimal to bold and striking. Shower wall panels can be used to create a feature wall or walls in your bathroom or ensuite, providing an excellent waterproof surface for your bath or shower to be mounted against. Some people use a combination of two different styles of panel to create a bespoke and stunning design for their bathroom or shower space.

Waterproof shower wall panels come in a variety of finishes, including textured bathroom wall panels and gloss shower wall panels. A popular style of waterproof bathroom wall panel are marble effect shower wall panels, as they create a stunning but tranquil and elegant shower or bathroom space. Wood effect shower wall panels are very on trend and create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom or shower. To get the tile look in your bathroom space without the extra work of scrubbing grout joints, tile effect bathroom wall panels are an excellent solution. Stone effect bathroom wall panels are a beautiful way to create a relaxing and peaceful showering space that makes a real statement in your bathroom.

Come and speak to our bathroom experts in our Bristol bathroom showroom about the options for waterproof shower wall panels in your ensuite or bathroom space. For more inspiration beyond our showroom, we recommend taking a look at the wonderful bathroom wall panels on offer from Multipanel and Fibo.