Discover more about Towel Rails

Bathroom towel rails are so much more than just an area to warm your towels, with all the stunning designs and variations available today, a towel rail can create a real statement feature in your bathroom. We have a selection of heated towel rails on display in our Bristol bathroom showroom to help give you some inspiration.

Before we can help you pick out a lovely new heated towel rail for your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom, we do need a little bit of information so that we can make sure you’re selecting a towel rail that’s going to be sufficiently warm enough. The way to find this out, is by doing what’s called a BTU calculation.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is what we use to help estimate what size of towel rail will be needed to keep your bathroom space warm. You can tap BTU calculator into any search engine and you should get many results. We suggest using 2 or 3 different calculators and taking an average as results can vary. A BTU calculator will ask a series of questions about your bathroom space (size, any windows etc) and will produce a BTU number, which is what we then use to check we’re picking out an appropriately sized towel rail for the space.

A few other things that are helpful for us to know is the configuration of your pipework; is it going to be coming up from the floor? Is it going to be coming directly out of the wall? Or along the wall? This information helps us to select the correct type of radiator valve that you’ll be needing. If you’re just trying to replace a towel rail for something similar in size and shape, it’s useful for us to know what the existing pipe centres are.

Once we’ve got this information to hand, we’re ready to look at all the possible options for your new bathroom heated towel rail. Possibly the most common heated towel rail style, is a ladder towel rail or ladder rail. These are available in a vast range of sizes and there are also a couple of shape variations, with curved ladder rails and ladder rails with largely spaced bars. Chrome ladder rails for bathrooms are probably the most common but ladder towel rails are also available in other finishes such as matt anthracite or matt white. Matt finish towel rails can sometimes give a more efficient heat output, so can be a really good option in terms of functionality as well as style.

As ladder rails are fairly simplistic in design, they tend to work well in both modern bathrooms as well as traditional style bathrooms, but if you’re planning a more traditional bathroom and are looking for something a little more classic in design, there are a great range of traditional style towel rails available. Traditional towel rails come in a range of different forms. Some blend elegant and traditional chrome towel rails with radiators, to give an authentically vintage aesthetic to the design. Other designs include ornate traditional chrome heated towel rails, which once paired with a pair of traditional radiator valves, look just the part. Aside from a towel rail, you might be looking for a traditional column radiator to heat your bathroom space.

Bayswater Clifford Towel Rail/Radiator
Bayswater Clifford Towel Rail/Radiator

If it’s a more modern bathroom design you’ve got in mind, you might be thinking of something a little more different and striking for your towel rail. There are many ranges of designer towel rails available in a range of sizes and many on trend finishes including matt anthracite and matt black towel rails. Designer towel rails come in a great range of forms, including panel radiators with chrome towel hangers and many more.

We have several heated towel rails on display in our Bristol bathroom showroom with many more options we can inspire you with from our trusted brands. We keep stock of chrome thermostatic radiator valves, standard chrome thermostatic radiator valves and traditional radiator valves but other finishes of valve such as matt anthracite radiator valves are available to order to match your chosen finish of heated towel rail.